International Student Reference Guide
1. Certificate of Acceptance
    • A. Issuing Period: Oct. 28th, 2020(Wed) 17:00 ~ Feb. 10th, 2021(Wed) 16:00 (Korean Standard Time)
      • After this period, students will not be able to issue the certificate of acceptance.
    • B. How to Issue: Type in your application number and date of birth on the admissions result website.
2. Student ID
    • A. Checking Period: Dec. 7th, 2020(Mon) 10:00 ~ Feb. 10th, 2021(Wed) 16:00 (Korean Standard Time)
    • B. How to check: Type in your application number and date of birth on the admissions result website.
3. Enrollment Confirmation Form
    • A. For all new international students
    • B. Period: Oct. 28th, 2020(Wed) 17:00 ~ Jan. 29th, 2021(Fri) 17:00 (Korean Standard Time)
    • C. How to fill in: Visit the Enrollment Confirmation website( https://forms.gle/6CHKXNPud8p72fm97 ) and fill out the form.
4. mySNU Portal Sign-up
    • A. What is mySNU?: A portal for student affairs (course registration, dormitory application, etc.) and creating an SNU email account (https://my.snu.ac.kr)
    • B. How to Sign-up: mySNU → 『New User』(Students should know their Student ID number to sign-up)
5. Tuition Fee Payment
    • A. Period: Feb. 8th, 2021(Mon) 09:00 ~ Feb. 10th, 2021(Wed) 16:00 ((Korean Standard Time)
      • Failure to pay tuition fee during the designated payment period may invalidate admission offers.
    • B. Where and How to Pay
      • Where : Any branch of Korean banks(Nonghyup, Shinhan, Woori, etc.) or international banks (Overseas branches of Shinhan/Woori Bank are not available)
      • How : Pay the exact amount to the given virtual account indicated in the tuition invoice. Since each student receives his/her distinct virtual account number, the remitter’s name does not have to match the student’s name.
    • C. Tuition Fee Invoice: Available after Feb. 1st, 2021(Mon)
    • D. How to check the payment status
      • The payment status can be checked via reprinting the invoice or on the admission result screen
      • How to issue : mySNU → 『Information Systems of SNU』 → 『Registration』
    • E. Contact: Office of Financial Affairs
      • Tel: +82-2-880-5107
      • E-mail: acc@snu.ac.kr
  • Notice for Payment via International Transfer
    • 1. Consider exchange rate, commission and etc. to pay the exact tuition fee.
      • Make sure to pay the exact amount of the tuition fee considering the exchange or remittance charge when you pay from abroad.
      • Paying less than the tuition fee invalidates your admission offer. (However, a refund will be made on the exceeded payment after the enrollment date)
    • 2. Bank Swift Code: Nonghyup Bank - NACFKRSEXXX
6. Dormitory(Gwanak Residence Halls)
    • A. Application Period: Feb. 8th, 2021(Mon) 10:00~ Feb. 12th, 2021(Fri) 18:00 (Available 24 hours during the designated application period)
    • B. Application Instructions mySNU → 『Dormitory(Student Residence Halls)』 → 『Residency Application』
    • C. Announcement of Result (including waiting list number)
      • 1) Date : Feb. 16th, 2021(Tue) 11:00
      • 2) How to check : mySNU → 『Dormitory(Student Residence Halls)』 → 『Application Status』 → 『Application Result』
      • 3) Announcement of additional acceptance: To be announced on the dormitory homepage every Monday after the first announcement
    • D. Dormitory Registration Instructions
      • 1) Submission of required documents : Via post or visit
      • 2) Housing payment : By the Friday 17:00 of the week when the announcement of result is made. (Payments cannot be made from abroad)
        • If you fail to do any one of the two instructions within the specified time period, it will be considered as a renunciation and you won’t be able to move into the dormitory.
    • E. Contact: Gwanak Residence Hall for Students Administration Office
7. Korean Proficiency Test
    • A. Target CandidatesThose with [Target candidate for Korean Proficiency test] on the admission result screen
    • B. The test will be held online in February, 2021.
    • C. Result AnnouncementThe college you belong to will be notified of your test result in March, 2021.
    • D. Contact: Language Education Institute
      • Details will be notified individually to target candidates via email in early February, 2021.
      • If you fail to take the Korean Proficiency Test, there may be restrictions on course registration and academic guidance. Please contact the administration office of your college or department.
8. Course Registration
    • A. Pre-Course Registration Period: Feb. 15th, 2021(Mon) ~ Feb. 18th, 2021(Thur) 8:30~16:00 (※ Mock registration. This does not affect your actual registration.)
    • B. Course Registration Period: Feb. 22nd, 2021(Mon) ~ Feb. 26th, 2021(Fri) 8:30~16:00
    • C. Registration Instructions: Online registration (refer to the table below)
      Classification Notice
      ① Login
      ‣ Website: SNU Course Registration System(CRS) (https://sugang.snu.ac.kr)
      ‣ SNU CRS account: mySNU account
      ‣ Password / Personal Information Modification
      - mySNU: 『Information system』 → 『My Info』 → 『Modify Personal Info』 - SNU CRS: Login → 『User’s Information』
      ※ Password initialization is not available.
      (According to the Personal Information Protection Act)
      ② Course Registration
      ‣ Course Registration Instruction
      - Utilize Courses of Interest, Search Course Title(or Number) in [Registration] tab
      - Enter 『Security Number』(two digits) → Click 『Registration

      ‣ Course Registration Schedule )
      1. Day 1-2 : Feb. 22nd(Mon) ~ Feb. 23rd(Tue)
      - Add courses to [Course Cart]
      2. Day 3: Feb. 24th(Wed)
      - Office of Academic Affairs will examine courses in the [Course Cart] - If the number of students of registered course is within the course quota, your course registration is confirmed.
      (If it exceeds the quota, the course will be designated as [Pending Courses]) 3. Day 4-5: Feb. 25th(Thur) ~ Feb. 26th(Fri)
      - Register courses with remaining quota on a first-come-first-served basis.
      * On Feb. 25th(Thur), registration of courses in [Pending Courses] is only available to students who previously added courses to cart in Day 1-2.
      ③ Quota exceeding course registration request
      ‣ Only for registration of courses with exceeded quota
      - Inquire the instructor of the course whether your request can be approved. - 『Quota Exceeding Course Registration Request』 → 『Request』 → 『Instructor’s approval』 → 『Confirm registration』
      * Course registration will be completed after clicking ‘confirm registration’.
      ④ Modify Course Registration
      ‣ Course Registration Modification is available in SNU CRS. (delete/add course)
      - Students can delete courses or register for new courses.
      - If courses are cancelled, students can register for other courses instead.
      ⑤ Course Withdrawal
      ‣ Course withdrawal is completed after instructors’ approval upon the students’ request.
      ‣ mySNU → 『Information System』 → 『Class/Grade』 → 『Class』 → 『Course Drop(Regular Semester)』
    • D. Contact: Office of Academic Affairs
      • Tel: +82-2-880-5042
9. New Student Orientation
    • A. New Student Orientation
      • 1) For all new international students
      • 2) Date : February, 2021 (Details will be notified individually by email after the registration period)
      • 3) Content : Education for convenient university life (course registration, academic calendar, etc.)
      • 4) Contact : Office of International Affaris
    • B. Environment and Safety Education
      • 1) For all new international students of College of Natural Science/Engineering.
      • 2) Content : Mandatory Training about Laboratory Safety
      • 3) Method : Participate in the education program for new students such as an orientation (2 hours) provided by each college.
      • 4) Period : Within 3 months before or after the beginning of the semester.
      • 5) Contact : Administration office of each college/department, https://rsis.snu.ac.kr.
10. Student ID Card(S-Card)
    • A. Main Features & Service : Student ID, access to major facilities, electronic attendance, financial functions (debit card, deferred payment transportation card) and etc.
      • Please search for ‘서울대학교 CHECK’ in the Woori Card homepage to learn more about details.
    • B. Types of S-CARD
      Physical Card-type S-Card Mobile S-Card USIM S-Card

      includes debit card function

      Utilize via SNU application

      Gives you access to facilities
      by tagging your phone

      • Physical card-type S-Card must be issued within a month after enrollment in order to use USIM and Mobile S-Card afterward.
    • C. S-CARD Application Instruction
      • 1) Online Application (Korean Students)
        • From January to February, the online application schedule will be notified on mySNU [Student Notice]
        • Install 『Woori Bank Wibee Bank』 application → select [service] in the upper menu → [Univeristy ID Card Application] → [Application] → agree to [Terms of Law] → [Seoul National Universtiy]
      • 2) Offline Application (Foreign Students)
        (Available after the first day of school (Mar. 2nd, 2021))
        • Visit Woori Bank on campus with your ID (i.e. Passport or Alien Registration Card) and then visit the Student Help Center.
      • 3) Mobile S-Card
        • Install 『Seoul National University』 application → login to mySNU account → select [S-CARD] in the bottom menu
        • USIM S-CARD
          • Only Android phones using the three mobile service companies (SK Telecom, LG U+, KT) users can use a USIM S-CARD. (not available for i-phone or resale phone users)
          • Application Instruction: In the mobile S-Card screen, select [USIM S-CARD] above the QR code (refer to the picture below)
    • D. Contact: Student Help Center at the Office of Student Affairs
      • Tel: +82-2-880-5248(S-CARD), +82-2-880-5249(access to facilities)
      • For more details: mySNU Information Plaza → Bulletin Board → Sharing → Downloads → search ‘S-CARD’
11. Notice for New International Students
    • A. If false information or unfair practice for admission was exercised at any point in the process, the admissions decisions once granted will be rescinded. This applies even after a student is enrolled at Seoul National University.
    • B. International Admissions II applicants cannot apply more than 6 times to 수시모집 admissions in the same academic year, including Seoul National University. If an applicant and admitted student do not comply with this regulation, the admissions decisions will be rescinded.
    • C. Admitted students to SNU are not allowed to register in any other universities in Korea which are scheduled to be held during the same academic year for admission as that of SNU. If an admitted student does not comply with this regulation, the admissions decisions will be rescinded
    • D. Admitted students of International Admissions II, Spring semester 2021 are not allowed to apply for the following Fall semester admissions of other universities in Korea as well as SNU.
    • E. For students of forign nationality, we may request the applicants to submit an additional document (Visa or Alien card) to confirm foreign nationality.
International Student Services (Contact Information)
Department Service Contact Information
Office of Admissions Admission related matters Office of Admissions, Bldg.150 4th floor
Tel : +82-2-880-6971
Homepage : https://admission.snu.ac.kr
E-mail : snuadmit@snu.ac.kr
Office of International Affairs International student scholarship, Certificate of Admission, international exchange student and other international matters Office of International Affairs, Bldg.152-1 #301
* International Student Support Center: Bldg. 152, 2nd floor I-Office
Tel : +82-2-880-8633~8
Homepage : https://oia.snu.ac.kr/
Dormitory (Gwanak Residence Halls for Students) Dormitory and housing related issues Gwanak-sa Graduate House, Bldg. 900 B1
Tel : +82-2-881-9011
Homepage : https://dorm.snu.ac.kr
E-mail: grh9011@gmail.com
Office of Academic Affairs Records (grades), courses, graduation and degree conferment management, certificate issuance, leave of absence, return from leave of absence, etc. Tel : +82-2-880-5042(Course Registration) /
5035(Registrar-Undergraduate) /
E-mail: haksagwa@snu.ac.kr
Office of Student Welfare Matters related to welfare Administration Building, Bldg. 60, 2nd floor
Tel : +82-2-880-5072
FAX : +82-2-888-9671
Language Education Institute Courses in Korean Language and Korean Culture Language Education Institute, Bldg. 137
Tel : +82-2-880-8570, 5488
Homepage : https://lei.snu.ac.kr
FAX: +82-2-871-6808
Office of Financial Affairs Registration/enrollment Administration Building, Bldg. 60, 3rd floor,
Tel : +82-2-880-5107
E-mail : acc@snu.ac.kr
Additional Guidelines for Foreign Nationals
1. Foreigner Registration
    • A. Subject: Foreigners who are planning to stay longer than 90 days from the date of entry
    • entry B. How-to: Visit the Immigration Office within 90 days from the date of entry (A reservation card is required for visit. You may reserve through https://www.hikorea.go.kr )
      • For inquiries regarding foreigner registration, please contact the Immigration office.
2. Visa Issuance
    • A. Visa Type: Student Visa, D-2
      • Students with foreign nationality must hold a Student Visa(D-2) before the start of the semester
    • B. How to issue :
      • 1) Overseas Resident : Apply through the Korean Embassy/Consulate in the student’s home country
      • 2) Domestic Resident : Must change the existing visa to Student Visa(D-2), you may apply through the Immigration·Foreign Affairs
        • For inquiries regarding the issuance, please contact the Immigration·Foreign Affairs (Tel: 1345 / Homepage : www.hikorea.go.kr )
    • C. For any inquiries, please contact : Office of International Affairs
3. Certificate of Admission
    • A. Certificate of Admission: An official document confirming that you are a regular student at Seoul National University
      • The document is required when a student with foreign nationality apply for Student Visa through the Korean Embassy/Consulate in his/her home country
    • B. Printing the Certificate of Admission
      • 1) Period : May ~ June 2021
      • 2) How-to : An Email will be sent to each student
        • If you wish to receive it yourself, please contact the Office of International Affairs.
    • C. For any inquiries, please contact : Office of International Affairs
4. Bank Account Establishment
    • You may apply by visiting a Korean local bank(Shinhan, Nonghyup, Woori, etc.) with an ID card(Alien Registration Card or Passport)
5. Health Insurance Registration
All students are required to register one of the National Health Insurance, Private Insurance, Offshore Insurance(International Student Insurance) during their study abroad.
    • A. National Health Insurance
      • 1) Organization in Charge : National Health Insurance Corporation (Tel: +82-1577-1000, (Press 8 for English))
      • 2) Documents required : Passport, Alien Registration Card, Certificate of Enrollment, Registration Form
      • 3) How-to : By visit (National Health Insurance Service Center at Gwanak District, Floor 9, 1485, Nambusunhwan-ro, Gwanak-Gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea)
      • 4) Homepage : https://www.nhic.or.kr
        • Notice: Insurance claims will be based on the date of foreigner registration
    • B. Other Private Insurance in Korea
      • 1) Choose a Korean Insurance Company that deals with International Student Insurance (Note that there is neither interest nor concern shared between SNU and the private insurance companies)
      • 2) Major Insurance Companies in Korea
        • Organization in Charge: Samsung Fire Insurance (Tel: +82-1899-0010(Dial 1 for English, 2 for Chinese, 3 for Japanese)) Homepage : www.samsungfire.com
        • Organization in Charge: KB Insurance (Tel: +82-2-3140-1717 (English, Chinese)) Homepage : www.kbinsure.co.kr
        • Organization in Charge: Meritz Fire Insurance (Tel: +82-1688-7711/+82-2-3786-2114) Homepage : www.meritz-plaza.com
        • Organization in Charge: DongBu Insurance (Tel: +82-1588-0100) Homepage : www.idbins.com
    • C. Offshore Insurance(International Student Insurance)
      • 1) Health Insurance registered in the student’s home country is valid if the insurance coverage also applies to Korea
      • 2) If documents are requested, you must submit the documentary evidence in Korean or English
        • The documentary evidence has to include contract terms, the policy period, personal information, etc.
Other References
1. Korean Language Program

The Korean Language Education Center at Seoul National University offers Korean language courses for foreigners and overseas Korean students.

    • A. Course Introduction: Additional information such as the school calender can be found at the homepage of SNU Language Education Institute
      • 1) Regular Program: A year-round program
        • Offers 4 sessions a year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
        • Classes are divided into Level 1 ~ 6 based on Korean Language Proficiency
        • Classes are held for 4 hours each day, 5 days a week, both in the morning and in the afternoon
      • 2) Special Program
        1. ① Evening Class: Classes are held for 3 hours, twice a week
        2. ② 15-Week Program: Tailored to the demands and characteristics of the exchange students who hold a valid visa
        3. ③ 5-Week Summer Program: Designed for students who wish to learn Korean language and experience Korean culture during the summer
        4. ④ 3-Week Intensive Program: Designed for adults who want to learn Korean language and make maximum progress in short period
    • B. To Apply and Register : Seoul National University Language Education Institute ( https://lei.snu.ac.kr )
    • C. For any inquires : Seoul National University Korean Language Education Center +82-2-880-8570,5488 / klp@snu.ac.kr
2. SISA (SNU International Students Association)
International Student Services and Contact Information
Department Duty Contact Information
Office of International Affairs International student scholarship, Certificate of Admission, International exchange students and other international matters Bldg.152, Seoul National University
Tel: +82-2-880-8633~8, 2584, 4447
Homepage: https://oia.snu.ac.kr